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Welcome to the Meetups category! This is your central hub for connecting with fellow 4Geeks in the real world.

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  • Find upcoming meetups: Discover and register for meetups happening in your area or attend virtual meetups to connect with the global 4Geeks community.
  • Organize your own meetup: Planning a coding event or workshop? Share the details here to get the word out and gather fellow enthusiasts.
  • Discussion: Share your experiences from past meetups, propose meetup ideas, and discuss potential topics or speakers.

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The Meetups category is your space to connect with passionate programmers and ignite your learning journey. Network with like-minded individuals, share your knowledge, and collaborate on exciting projects.

Here are some guidelines for this category:

  • Be clear and specific: When posting about a meetup, include details like the location, date, time, and topic.
  • Virtual vs. In-person: Clearly indicate if the meetup is happening online or in a physical location.
  • Promote inclusivity: Strive to create welcoming and inclusive meetups where everyone feels comfortable participating.

We encourage you to actively participate, organize meetups, and connect with the amazing 4Geeks community!