🎤 AMA - Raymundo Diaz, Growth Hacker at 4Geeks

Hi 4Geeks Nation! I know dozen of startup founders are getting crazy to figure out how to keep their company up and running in this season. Tons of “gurus” are telling the world their “perfect way” to win more customers in crisis.

How to market a limited-budget company? How to optimize current users base revenue?

:spiral_calendar: On next May 5 at 2pm CT (Central Time) Raymundo Diaz @raymundo will be answering all your growth questions in our first Ask Me Anything (AMA) session during one entire hour, in order to help you unlock any company growth.


Raymundo is a mathematician, who has dedicated her life to processing and analyzing data to force business growth. Raymundo is in charge of 4Geeks growth.


:arrow_forward: To join please reply this thread with your questions right now! :point_down: