Amount stucked In Available Balance from Last 2 weeks

Hello All , Please guide me my amount is stucked in my available balance from last 2 weeks so please let me know when it will be released as well am trying to change my bank account but its showing an error so please resolve it am trying to sending emails on your support email but there is no response so kindly focus on it and resolved this issue

For security reasons, when a merchant account is getting fraudulent payments or even do lost a dispute, 4Geeks will freeze some available balance in reserve in order to face possible future disputes. It’s a normal behavior on high-risk payments.

Its Fine and i can understand this but at least release some fund don’t hold the whole amount because we need to ship the orders even already some customers are opened disputes so please release the amount for future as well why i cant change my bank account

I am getting the same issue.
At least now please tell me how to resolve it.
How long do you need to keep it on hold?
and why your support team is not responding for 1 week?

Resolved on this thread.