Change default currency

Hello Guys,
I’ve been sending emails to all the last 7days but no reply!
My account is Currency type DOP, i don’t have access to the current bank account, so i’ve asked the support to change my Currency type currency to USD to GBP so i can bring sales.
Please change it from your end, i need to integrate the payments in my store & working on my account!
Please help

Thank you

Hi @FashionsAshley - where’s your company based in?

@alpocr I have clients on the US, also a US bank account, that’s why i need to change it!

@alpocr can you please DM me, so i can send you my private info

@FashionsAshley - we can only save an US bank account if your company is based in United States. Check available payout currencies per country.

If you want, you can also register a new merchant account in any of these countries if have valid legal docs, and link the US bank account on the onboarding process. That’s the only way to change your default currency at this time.

@alpocr I have an approved merchant account, why do i need to create new one?
You just need to make change from your end! check screenshot

For legal reason you can’t change the bank account owner or business name once the merchant account is approved on 4Geeks. So in this case you need to register a new merchant account.