Detail about charging

@alpocr hello how are you my amex customer dont charge a card because they tell invalid card can you please update how they charge a card asap thanks!

Hi @trice_himkol. We support AMEX.
Sometimes customers don’t enter the card number, CVC or expiration date correctly, that produces the major of technical exceptions in e-commerce. Please ask your customer to verify current card, or ask to use a different card.

UPDATE: Checkout form support numbers only… no blank spaces.

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all are good but my some customer have amex as you show in picture i attached when i add test card number only digits are allow can you please solve this issue because i los my amex card customer you have a logo of amex

@alpocr please note that issue amex is not work properly kindly please solve that issue hope you will solve it asap thanks

I see the issue. Let me check if we can fix it quickly.

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@alpocr yap please when its fixed kindly please tell me also tell me customer will putt 4 digit cvv or 3 digits thanks

@trice_himkol FIXED.