Detail about payment

hello @alpocr recently my bank cancel my payment which i receive from the 4geeks can you tell me i already update my bank in 4geeks kindly please tell me when i receive the payment again
here is the ss

Hi @trice_himkol. If your bank rejected the deposit, they will send the money back to your available balance on 4Geeks. It normally takes 4-7 days.
Once money is in available balance, we’ll try again to send out the money in the next able payday to your new bank account.

@alpocr my other payment showed as paid but it does not reflect in my account what happen is that

Please sir why does my bank rejects my payout. Like why does this says failed. Please resolve this issue. From what I noticed it said my business name don’t match my name on bank. Please guide me through. Do you use Ach or wire for deposits. I’m tired of changing my banks for this

Did you already receive funds into your bank account?

No till now I lost my 2500$