Error at checkout

The Woocommerce plugin throws this error at checkout, on the 4Geeks paying page: “Missing configuration: A Pay Provider has not yet been configured in the developer, or a currency for payout in the financial settings.”

I don’t seem to find a way to solve that issue on the 4Geeks console and in both (woocommerce and 4Geeks) I have the correct currency set. Please advise.

Hi @pcitrino. Sounds like a customer conflict. Please use a different customer email on the WooCommerce checkout. Let me know if that worked please.

Thanks for replying.
Actually, it was a client who alerted me of the problem. He couldn’t pay using his credit card and thus I tried myself. I’ve run several tests, with different e-mails, and asked close people to try paying, too. All of them got the same error (I am attaching a screenshot). The same issue happened when I tried making a paying link, 2nd generation.
Also, this is more information.

WooCommerce: Version 7.7.2
4Geeks Version 2.1.1

I also noticed a strange behavior on my balance and I have a doubt about the new WooCommerce politics, but I’ll open different threads for those issues later.

Thanks a lot!

Sure. I need the merchant account email on 4Geeks. I’m going to DM you @pcitrino .