Having issues with Support & Account Activation Team

Hello Team , I hope everything is fine and am really appreciate your work , but am really sorry to say there is some major issues which we are facing so its my humble request to resolved / fix as soon as possible .
First of all your support team is very very slow , does matter for them a person need help , as well the activation team don’t check the emails from Account owners , for example right now i have talk with the Allan Sir and told them we are having a big community of ecommerce and almost everyone need your solution so i can recommend them about your services and they said yes please do it and you will get a rank / badge / specialization in our team .and now i just have said one of my friend for create account with you even he is having Big Revenue but now his account is not activated yet as well he did not get response from your side .can you imagine how embarrassing for me this thing ?even he is calling you and your number is out of reach .so my request is please active your support team and activation team for reply the quires and as well make any social media platform for faster customer convrsation.Thanks

Thanks for your message @yashibwilliam. Our team is responding new support request as come in. Should they take a look at the spam box?

No there is Nothing , he has checked the spam box and all other folders

Hello Team i have emailed you regarding my payout which is pending before that my payouts are shown in transit status at this time but today its still in pending so please check

as well please let me know how we can become your partner and get fast support as well how we can give you customers directly please ?

like there is any portal which we can get and easily track our referrals easily please ?

as well please let me know payouts / payments are also proceed Saturday and Sunday ?

Hey Sir please reply me quires

Also Please why 1st Generation payment link is not working?

@yashibwilliam I answer this question in another post. Payment link 1ft generation is deprecated, please use the 2nd generation instead. It includes more security features and fully complaint with card networks requirements.