How commission and payouts works?

Hi 4geeks team, can you please confirm what’s the route that takes a payment when your payments platform is used? For example if a product is selled in CR where that money goes into 4Geeks (which country) before you guys send it back. Thanks!

Hi @bdpcr.07 thanks for asking.

At this point, respecting privacy for other users and merchants, I can say 4Geeks uses multiple countries providers to bank the money (depending on multiple factores, one of them what merchant and buyer country based is) before sending back to the merchant.

In case of Costa Rica-based merchants, we try to send the money out to the bank account (daily, weekly or monthly) using the SINPE network, so the money comes in to the merchant as a domestic deposit. Maybe documentation can give you more details on payouts.

Hope this helps to understand how we works.

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