Loading 4geeks error on checkout

@alpocr clients are reporting issues when checking out on my website.

I have tried myself using computer and mobile and have identified a pattern that any Safari browser user will give them the “loading” icon error and never opens to enter card info. Also, if they are using Chrome through incognito mode the same issue happens… Here are some screenshots:

Chrome Incognito desktop mode:

Safari Desktop mode:

Chrome Incognito mobile mode:

Safari mobile mode:

@Jason_Barrantes - What’s the product URL you want to sell?

@alpocr any product on our website shows the same error. You can try yourself: www.paocastro.com

Please mention the Wordpress, WooCommerce and 4Geeks plugin used versions.


4GEEKS - Version 2.1.1
WOOCOMERCE - Version 7.6.1
WORDPRESS - Version 6.2

@alpocr any update on this? Having many customers reporting the error and that are unable to pay through our website.

My team can’t reproduce the error using the same stack versions. I’ll ask you some private data via DM.

Ok no problem. Expecting to hear back.

@alpocr haven’t heard back from anyone on this yet.

@alpocr any updates on this? Still waiting to hear back. Customers keep reporting errores have have to ask the to deposit money instead.

Did you make recent changes on website, product name, SEO plugins or something like that?

@alpocr yes recently there was un update on Elementor and we had issues with WordPress. The WP team has to give us support with this. Is there any troubleshooting steps we should execute?

@alpocr any update on this on how to fix? I’m thinking to disconect as I’m loosing sales.

Hey @Jason_Barrantes. We found something. The infinite loading is because 4Geeks can’t decode the correct checkout page… and I feel is something related to product name.

After to figure out the corrected checkout page it loads correctly, but I see strange symbols in the product name. If other businesses had the same problem, then I would think that the plugin is failing… but the truth is that no one has reported anything similar.

I just installed the plugin on a new WooCommerce local instance with no issues at my end.

Could you please downgrade Elementor plugin or any updated recent-upgraded plugin? I think it can be a plugin conflict.

hey @Jason_Barrantes … any update on this?

Hi @alpocr… Nothing, it seems that errors are tied to these products:

I’ve done everything, removed the products and add from scratch, changed permalinks, changed names… But nothing seems to work!!! Customers have had to pay via SINPE because they just can’t purchase these online… Is there anything you can do to help?

@alpocr can anyone from your support team help with this? I’ve tried everything from my side, investigated, added security fixes to website and everything but still with issues. Most products are unavailable to pay via 4GEEKS because of this.

My team will connect with you in order to check/test some stuff. @Jason_Barrantes

Thanks @alpocr… If needed this is my cellphone: XXXXXX

@alpocr any update on this? I haven’t heard back from your team yet.