My payment is in Available Balance

Hello sir , this is very very Fucking thing that you are not replying over the emails and my funds are in available balance from last 2 days but its still not paid into my bank account do you think this is a professional thing .you are cutting off 5% fee and still your services are 0% so please upgrade your support and other services otherwise please shut off the website and close your business.

Thanks am waiting for your response

Hi @yashibwilliam I don’t work for 4geeks (just another user), but saw your message in the comunity for which this might help: 4 geeks doesn’t send daily payments. These are actual y deposite into your account once a week ( I believe it’s eveey Wednesday if not mistaken). So just wait tomorrow and see if the balance was deposited correcto y into your account :slight_smile:

Thank you so much @Jason_Barrantes But am angry for there fucker team no email response no response here so this is very strange , as well before in was receiving the payouts on daily basis. Now suddenly they removed the 1st gen payment link as well hold the amounts even my payment is in available balance not in pending. and i think there is no right they have to hold in available balance.
but no worry there is just few hours remaining in Wednesday so no problem.just wait and see

did you receive your payout tell me

Not Yet But i have Complaint to FBI

Guys, for some merchant accounts that make suspected fraudulent transactions, our system automatically pause future payouts.

Listen @alpocr payment paused is not a big deal , but your fucker team is not responding my emails as well you are also not responding the community messages .at least if payments are paused at least you should inform me about that as well you need to tell us this period is holding time so i will not do anything but now ou can see i have complaint to FBI so now this matter will be resolved there .but if you feeling guilty for that this is your mistake then i can take back my report and you should be tell be why my funds are hold and now when these funds will be released .

am waiting your response .

its already more than 1 week so how long you will take to deposited into my bank tell me clearly .

Hello @alpocr you are still not replying my messages

I am getting the same issue.
At least now please tell me how to resolve it.
How long do you need to keep it on hold?
and why your support team is not responding for 1 week?

Please read this thread. So I’m closing this one here.