My payouts are still in transit and not get deposit

This is my current status of my merchant account. Kindly confirm when it will deposit into my account.

this guyz is a scammer when i post like you that i dont receive payour still in transit now they mark as a paid but i dont receive any balance i dont know whats going on

Seriously? @trice_himkol so now how we can withdraw our amount … @alpocr Can you please explain what is this matter?

Guys, if a payout is in transit, that means the money already went out from 4Geeks. So, your bank is now the responsible to save the money into your bank account. If error, deposit money will send back to available balance. Does your bank account is OK?

Please read what the payout status means, in every stage.

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Yes, everything is fine and I am taking payment on my bank account, Furthermore can you confirm payments are deposit from UK? @alpocr