My Payouts are still not sending or showing scheduled

Please help!!! Can not seem to get a hold of anyone, have tried submitting the form on the website multiple times and have wrote support multiple times. Was told my payouts were suppose to resume but has been since April 10 since the last payout sent. No disputes or chargebacks and money has all cleared and showing available. No way to schedule anything from the dashboard. This is crushing my business, is there anyway to get a hold of this company? Desperate for help at this point, thank you to anyone who can help me with this.

Payout now showing as scheduled! However, the pending balance now shows:

Pending balance: -1,279.3 USD

Hopefully this updates and corrects but the payout is showing on the dashboard as being “in transit”

Good to hear that @SoonerProducts
Pending balance shows that negative amount because there’re not new successful sales on your merchant account. System will adjust this to zero automatically very soon.