Strange behavior in "Banking"

Along with the inability to process payments due to a “currency not set” message, I noticed a very strange behavior on my “Banking” section of 4Geeks. Once I checked, it showed some numbers in US dollars (I have my currency set to Costa Rican colones) and now it shows other strange numbers in British pounds in the balances.

None of my transactions, by the way, has been outside of Costa Rica and there are no disputes, either.

Can somebody please explain what’s that and how I may fix it?
Thank you very much!

Please see the attached screenshot:

Now the balance went double. That’s really weird, considering that no credit card transactions have been successful due to the configuration error message described here:

Today I checked again and now the currency is set to Chilean pesos, with a positive balance.
I really don’t understand what is going on. The system does not let me set the currency, so I don’t understand how it changes by itself and shows different balances although I have no transactions made.

Any help is greatly appreciated.