The Balance is in available (Hold) status. It's not a transit issue!

Please don’t close this topic again because it is not a transit issue.
My balance is on the available balance and not being sent to my bank.

My whole balance is on the available balance for the last 10 days and there is not any other update…!

Please tell me how to resolve it.
How long do you need to keep it on hold?
and why your support team is not responding for 1 week?

Please reply to me because I am not getting any reply from your email or call the support team.


They have solved the issue after all.
They should make their support faster.


Sounds great @MD_HASA. Thanks so much for your feedback.

What’s wrong again? Why is our money on available balance status again?
You told me last time that We won’t get any payout issues again. All verification has been completed from your end.
I have sent email to your support team regarding this 3 days ago but still I am not getting any reply.
You are repeating the same thing again. This is not good.

Please check and help us to solve it first…

Brother me too I experience this. I’m tired
I have big balance on the available balance section. They have not responded to
My messAges. And now most of my customers complain and chargeback

Hello bro, what did they solve on your account cus me too I have available balance plenty no payout yet