Why payment is not deposited?

Hello Team please check my payment is available in Available balance from last 13 days but not deposited into my bank account so please check what is the reason and i think this is not a professional way even you are not replying the mails so please deposited this amount today …Thanks

Hi @rogerclothing. If your merchant account is getting suspected charges, or your customer are completing high-risk (possible fraudulent) charges, 4Geeks hold on balance to face possible future chargebacks and disputes.

So the best way to keep your merchant account in good standing is by only processing charges from trusted customers.

OH Really Man , do you think these charges are without customer consent ? even you know well thee payments are charged with #D Protocol mean that customer gives us OTP so how you can say that ?as well payments are charged on 15th March and now its 31st March mean 16-17 days are gone and you think customers are without mind like you ?if right now there is not a single dispute its mean payments are genuine , but its fine now its my last message to you after that i will never text you even i will come with someone in your office in New York .so i am just giving you the last day so leave these Dramas and fucking things and transfer my amount into my bank account .