Why Payouts are such a pain and the information about its so scarse?

Hi all ! I really want to know why my last Payout was made in february and I have thousands of dollars waiting to be deposited in my account. Also why there is no way to get information about deposits (specially in a different currency than the one I bill in) to see what transactions are getting deposited, how much is comission and transaccion fee and see all that in numbers per payment. And of course a date for the payout to be effective.

Why is the report system so shady instead of giving the whole information to the customers (US!) so we can keep tracking and everything organized !

There is no easy way to reconcile sales transactions and payouts !

I need to know when my money is going to be deposited, and have dates and details for those incoming transactions !

Best regards,
Juan Manuel Sánchez

Hey @pescatorecr. Thanks for writing. To be honest with you… we’re getting issues with some payout providers to Costa Rica. My team is working to fix this as soon as possible.

Ok, but when will those issues be resolved? And why if Im doing transactions in Colones (CRC) but my payout are in dollars (USD) why I cant see what transactions are getting paid in the payouts? It should tell me what transactions are included in the payout. Also the payout says a date but no ammount

Here is a pic of the situation



Still waiting for my payout! Any information about this?

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Im absolutely discusted how little information or response you have. But you have the audacity to charge the comission and the transaction fee and everything is running smoothly.

I NEED TO KNOW WEN MY PAYOUTS ARE GOING TO ARRIVE ! This is my business money ! Not yours ! You have no right to retain money without a propper response !